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PNE FC – Sir Tom Finney North Floodlight

Value: £35,000 | Client: PNE FC

About the Project

During a League One match we were asked to provide cover for the clubs own electrical staff due to sickness. Unbeknown to anyone at the time the floodlights chose this game to stop working mid-way through the first half. Despite the pressure of the situation and the extreme height involved our engineer was able to scale the 70 metre floodlight tower and soon able to identify the fault and restore the power to the floodlights allowing the game to continue. Following this incident we advised the club on the need to complete a major relocation of the floodlight control panel from the top of the floodlight gantry to ground level for ease of access for maintenance.

These works were scheduled for the summer close season of 2013. Thompson assembled the new control panel for siting in a new GRP enclosure. Thompson used a 70 metre MEWP to run new cabling to the lighting system from the new panel. Electricians with a good head for heights were needed for this project! In addition to the electricians working from the MEWP we also had staff working on the floodlight gantry dismantling the old panel. The operatives had to scale the 70 metre tower wearing climbing harnesses. Working at this height provided new challenges to overcome; the company considered the risks and bought in specialist equipment to ensure our engineers were protected.

The floodlight was ready for its debut a fierce local derby against Blackpool FC televised by Sky TV.