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Lancaster Royal Infirmary

Value: £104,000 | Client: Lancaster RI

About the Project

Electrical installation to the new MRI Scanning Room at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.

Including alterations to the existing distribution, sub-main distribution, new switchgear, IPS distribution equipment, installation of new lighting and power, alterations to the existing fire alarm installation, installing additional detection systems, door access equipment and nurse call.

A Meigan earthing system has been installed as part of the IPS power installation, which feeds the power supplies to the bed head socket outlets and the MRI scanner power supplies. The specialist earthing for the bed head supplies are connected back to the IPS Meigan earthing system.

In addition, a second Meigan earthing system has been installed in the MRI scanner unit.

The existing fire alarm installation has been modified and extended to accommodate the new building adaptions. Additional smoke detectors has been installed, roof detection installed all of which has been fully addressed and commissioned.

No ferrous metal is installed in the MRI scanner unit. All lighting fittings in the scanner unit are installed and have no ferrous metal as part of the manufactured items.